Scott Meridian Line selection
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Author:  maineflifisher [ September 12th, 2019, 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Scott Meridian Line selection

Finally pulled the trigger on a 9’ 8wt Meridian as they are very rapidly becoming unavailable, saving 30% with no tax or shipping didn’t hurt either. Now I need to figure out what lines perform best on it. Looking for suggestions on an intermediate, a floater and a sink tip or full sink. Primary use will be for Striper fishing here in Maine. Floater may throw big bugs for bass and pike on occasion. Intermediate caster at best. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Author:  Jeff Reardon [ December 11th, 2019, 5:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Scott Meridian Line selection

Fishing from the beach or a boat?

When I was a more avid striper angler, I mostly fished an intermediate line when I was wading, and something fast sinking (like a 350-300 grain fast sink shooting head or "Depth Charge" type line) when from a boat. There were times wading that a fast sinker made sense, especially off the rocks where there is a sharp drop off. But in surf on rocky shores, a full sink line will have you tangled in the weed and rocks a lot if fishing from shore.

If you like fishing on the surface with gurglers or poppers, you might want a floater, but I predict you won't use it much. I fished gurglers and floating minnows and other floating patterns on an intermediate line just fine.

If you were headed south for bonefish or snook or redfish you will want the floater. Maybe for poppers for bass, too.

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