Mini stripes sighted
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Author:  freeportd [ June 1st, 2016, 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Mini stripes sighted

I finally got a chance to get out on Monday - enough to put a hurt on the stripping finger! Went to Scarborough on the incoming tide. Met a couple of really nice guys - one brand new to salt. Both did well, although most of theirs were gotten on the tail end of the drop! We fished together for about 3 hours. They each managed 2 - and they were small. One was smaller than a bass I caught recently!

I did manage a bump. I didn't get any - and I'm thinking it's fly related. All my flies were pretty large and not sparsely tied - imitating larger baitfish. And their flies were small and sparse. So, I've tied up a few smaller and sparser - and will re-attempt in the near future. Can't wait to get that first fish.

Also, all the fish landed had sea lice on them. I'm not sure if they are good or bad for stripers. I know some fish need these to remove bad stuff - but not sure about the lice. But, they all seemed healthy. Hopefully the bigger brothers and sisters show up soon.

Finally, I did spend just a few minutes exploring Freeport area on Sunday - but without my kayak, was quite limited....oh yea, and that wind wasn't friendly!

Author:  salterseeker [ June 5th, 2016, 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mini stripes sighted

Fish in the Merrimack over the last two weeks have almost all been small -- some of the smallest stripers I've ever seen. But, they are plentiful. This seems like it would bode well for the population over the next few years, doesn't it?


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