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 Post subject: Last GLS T/R Spring 2019
PostPosted: June 18th, 2019, 7:58 am 
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As a grade, I'd give GLS a "D" for fishing this year so far. The water levels, the lack of hatches, and the dearth of fish combined to make this a poor spring...but there is still much there for me aside form the fishing. Camp is central to my spare time, and I enjoy just being there. There are friends there in town now, and I like seeing them. So, Friday after school I was on my way by 2pm. The dirt roads have been done, and the ride is much better. Saw 3 deer, 1 partridge and 1 eagle on the way down- didn't count the turkeys.

By 7pm I was in the Cable Pool looking for risers...and as the water is so clear, I was able to look for fish in all the places that hold fish- most were empty. BUT...caddis were in the air...and over the 2 hours I had till dark, I saw 7-8 rise, and landed 5 salmon- all on a sparse caddis or Legere caddis. I felt redeemed.

Both brothers showed up, and even Dad. We were up early, and I did the long walk through the corporation after the sun was onto the water. I did spend time at the start right out front and landed one fish...but I was LOADED and knew I would have numbers in the semi-unfished water in the middle. The Eel Pool held nothing- not even an eel. The ledges above the falls had...nothing. The Hemlock pool had fish that I could spot- YES! I hooked on the first cast, he spit it, and I left the rig in the top of that frigging Hemlock. Did I mention the biting flies were in astronomical numbers? AT the Stump pool...nada...Bill White's pool- no water, and nothing. WIggle rock...fished for 10 minutes and 3 changes of rigs-NADA...then on rig #4, Yellow stone fly landed a 18" salmon- nice! Then---dust.

The Y pool- nothing. The Cedars- nothing until the bottom, and a 10" salmon to a dry- and from here on, If I were going to be shut out, I'd rather be shut out dry. The 7 Isles...one take and miss. Flat rock....now things changed. More bugs in the air, and 3 salmon on top to hand- as yet, not seeing another person. Then at the sand cliff...3 to caddis dry, then the picnic pool- 8 people there. None catching fish, but also not moving and HUNTING fish...Met Jeff there and we came back for lunch.

Bass and tying for a while, maybe a short nap..a beers or 3, and onto the water for dusk. I went back to the Cliff- and the rise right at dark was stellar! Fish everywhere- Where did they come from??? I only landed 3, but I was ON fish for that night and Sunday night...small caddis were the answer.

Having my 3rd personal day on Monday, I was at camp alone (YAY!!) and worked the dam pool at dawn. Flat calm, and the light was such I could see for 10 feet down...I walked around the entire pool- caught 1 bass, and never saw a single-NOT ONE_ salmon...the fishway open hauls them out before they can hold for fisherpeople. I was focused on ending on fish, so I worked the heavy water below the bridge and landed the stockers...and then-

The fish started to rise. In the Hatchery pool 3 of use worked for almost 2 hours to short hitting fish...NONE of us landed a fish- but it was GREAT!!!! Take after missed take...change flies -go smaller, longer tippet...smaller still...I hooked up 3 times, and lost them all. It was perfect...I loved having to work for the take, and then work harder to hook up- and never solved the landing part! Then, walking downriver to camp, Hook and landed a salmon in the Evening pool...but when I netted him, Foul hooked in the top of the head- doesn't count.

In the end, I spotted a fish and switched to nymphs...and landed him on the first cast. End on fish.

Camp was a MESS--- and my dear brothers left it with a sink of dirty dishes and a floor that looked more like a dirt floor than wood. Laundry, dishes, garbage...cleaned. Then on the road to home.

Wish I were there today...or, better- this evening. Go with #22 caddis, and lots of bug dope. Wear gloves.

Good luck, as it is over for me, and will be a bass river in a week.


Time to tie- Best wishes.

PostPosted: June 18th, 2019, 10:25 am 
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If the flows had been held back a bit this spring to afford a flow of 400-450 cfs now- the salmon would stay in the stream a bit longer. But at 319 cfs- those fish will be exiting stage left quickly- and usually by this point in June the end is in sight. The good news- if you like to bass fish- is that they hex hatch will be rolling in that area in the next week- and the top water action will be good for the next few weeks on the local stillwater. Bring your choice of bug dope (or cigars, brown liquor, citronella, etc...)

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PostPosted: June 19th, 2019, 10:49 am 

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I hope you guys enjoy the fishing I am only 35 min from the for the first time n 30 years but becase I am still not a 100 from my open heart surgey last oct I have fished it this year and I still not sure I will be able to fish it at all this year tight lines to all that do

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