Fishing West... and Fishing East? T/R
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Author:  pushaw [ September 10th, 2018, 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Fishing West... and Fishing East? T/R

Back at work and in the land of an internet connection again...

This pales in comparison to some of the dream stuff posted by others this week... but here we go anyway.
I spent the last week or so fishing Wyoming, hanging with family, and remembering people lost last fall.

I started camping on the N. Platte over Labor Day, and wound up camped back where I had the harrowing experience of trying (and failing) to resuscitate a fisherman last fall. This year, I fished over the same area he'd been fishing last year. It was kind of strange to start with, but afterwards, I felt good about it, like he'd given me his fishing spot, which I'll go back to again in future years, with good memories to wash the tough ones away. Each morning, I had really fun fishing during a trico hatch. There's a big riffle into a pool and standing in the riffle, there would be about 30 fish rising every 10 seconds within casting distance of where I stood. I had the right fly (size 20 trico dry) and the right light to be able to pick it out in the riffle and I hammered the fish in between episodes of playing guide to my 6 and 9 year-old daughters. They each got a lot better at casting and rose fish and hooked a few and reeled some in that I had hooked, but never quite put it all together. Most of the fish were 8-10 inch rainbows, but a few were bigger, including I think the same 15 inch brown both days. It was a hoot -- it was a surprise not to raise a fish on a given cast. As we were leaving (with the fish very much active, about 11 AM), we walked back across the bridge to our campsite and my 6 year old pointed out a fish had just risen below the bridge. I looked down and watched what looked like a 2 foot brown in water about a foot deep cruising downstream. He just kept going until he was 100 yards down -- we could still see him that far away.

Next stop was the Green River near Pinedale. Water was too low to float, but we had great camping and good fishing. Fish weren't that large, but they did hit dries and my sister caught a good brown the one day she fished it with me.

We saw gajillions of pronghorns. Everywhere.

Last stop was Jackson. I fished the Snake River for the first time, floating in the shadows of the Tetons. One day we pounded them on streamers for a short while. The afternoon a couple days later was much tougher. My sister fair hooked a big sucker (largest fish of the trip) on a streamer. I got lucky in extra time coming towards the landing and hooked a gorgeous big cutt, my fish of the trip when I went to move a tiny purple dry fly that had landed next to the bank and was our last rig.

In rough numbers, I caught about 50 fish on dries, 2 on nymphs and 2 on streamers for the week. It was fantastic.

This week, I'm headed to Maine for a wedding and thinking about bringing my 7 wt to try for stripers in Southern Maine this weekend. Good idea?

Author:  Salmosebago [ September 10th, 2018, 9:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fishing West... and Fishing East? T/R

Great report - sounds like a blast!!! Sucker on a streamer?!?

Stripers - plenty around lately. I've seen quite a few and reports I've heard have been solid (bigger fish around rocks/ledges). Caution: with the tropical activity, it's likely to be dicey on the shore. Be careful and don't be bashful about chasing fish in the tribs and sheltered coves. Have fun!

Author:  pushaw [ September 17th, 2018, 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fishing West... and Fishing East? T/R

Update: Did bring 7 wt to Maine. Did catch a schoolie, maybe 18 -- I think this was the first time I'd caught a schoolie in deeper water and the thing definitely surprised me with how strong it was. I forgot how strong saltwater fish were.

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