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PostPosted: June 28th, 2018, 12:06 pm 
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"Country Ecology with Dave Eastman" is a very interesting show airing on NH radio stations, I catch shorts from Dave's show through FM 93.5, WMWV out of Conway, NH. Most of Dave's essays have to do with birding but he eventually will cover almost every nature topic in a given season...
Two days ago he talked about the low numbers of many types of migratory birds in New England, which most bird-watchers already are aware of. The reasons for the decline in numbers are varied, but one really caught my attention...lack of insects for feed.
Pesticides were obviously mentioned, and this all happened to coincide with my current work project near the shores of Long Lake (Cumberland Cty). Several times during the course of my work, mosquito and tick abatement companies have sprayed practically every tree and shrub on the property, outside of the 25-foot buffer on the waterfront. But some of these applications have occurred on breezy days, and I observed clouds of spray caught in the breeze headed directly toward the water. There is no doubt some of this made it into the water...
Ticks are bad, and I tremble at the thought of the lone star tick destroying my ability to enjoy a nice Porterhouse, and I don't want EEE or any other mosquito-born illness either. But these and other pesticides have me worried about my favorite hobby, too, as well as the health of our very delicate natural balance.

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I don't doubt that homeowner use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides contribute and I've seen it many times myself. I drive through a very dense little village on Sebago lake and it still amazes me that people still use that stuff right next to the water.

After DDT, I think the biggest culprit of insect demise is Acid Rain. It's going to be very difficult to improve on our current air quality as the China/Asia economy grows regardless of what we do here. I think we are starting out with dirty air on the west coast which is already polluted from the fore mentioned. Then we add the US pollution... We can only get coal so clean and automobiles so clean. I don't want to be a dooms-dayer but we are kind of screwed.

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PostPosted: July 1st, 2018, 8:46 am 

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Ever since I did a book report in high school on Carson's "Silent Spring" I have watched the pesticide story. No doubt about the longer term effects on the environment. The other day I was washing my Subaru and as I scrubbed off the layer of bugs I wondered about the cumulative impact of cars and insects. 1.2 billion cars on the planet now. maybe 12,000 miles per year each, say a hundred or so bugs killed every 20 miles of summer driving. do the math..... interesting thought. We are pretty much screwed (our kids more so), endless human growth on a finite planet. What a concept!!!

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