Southwest Harbor via Fort Kent...
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Author:  brian foley [ June 12th, 2018, 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Southwest Harbor via Fort Kent...

Last Friday was my last trout trip of the first half of the season - I wanted to make the most of it, so I headed up into the St. John Valley to do some poking around - I started my day out in the woods by missing a head-on collision with a logging truck by about the length of a brook trout - a small brook trout...it was all my fault - I don't know how I didn't soil myself. A short time later I was paddling across a glassy lake to fish the outlet - once again, the stream was way low and full of chubs, but I still managed to land a fair number of brookies - the water was 62* and a bead head soft hackle fooled most of the fish.
From there I paddled to an inlet stream that I hoped would be a productive series of beaver ponds - even though most of the dams were defunct, I was able to bag a few brookies up in there too.
From there I paddled back to the truck, loaded up and headed off in search of access to a pond I had heard good things about - aside from the fact that my GPS was acting up, there were no roads that got close and this was no country for bushwacking with a kayak...
So...I headed another direction for another pond I had also heard good things about and I knew had reasonable access - I found it OK and took 2 drifts across it before I remembered why I don't fish ponds much: they literally put me to sleep - I pulled up on a nice ledge and took a very pleasant nap. A while later I paddled off the pond, having seen only 2 rises while I was there. The wind was blowing and I believe if I had stuck around, things might have gotten interesting.
At that point I started my long trek to the coast, but on the way, with about an hour of daylight to spare, I hit a favorite "drive-by" stream in the Aroostook watershed - a classic mayfly hatch was on, but as usual no one showed up to eat...the water here was low and 66* but it is one of my most dependable streams and didn't disappoint me on Friday - while I was blowing down Rt 11 and still basking in the glory of the day's last trout I had a catastrophic blowout and ended up losing a tire and bashing in a body panel on my truck - thankfully, that was the last bit of excitement for the day - 22 hours, 423 miles and 10 moose after starting out, in spite of less than ideal circumstances, I ended a completely satisfying day - now, for some bass & salt water fun - tight lines!

Author:  Jeff Reardon [ June 12th, 2018, 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Southwest Harbor via Fort Kent...

22 hours? Dang. I'm not sure I ever put in a 22 hour fishing day. There may have been a few summer "fish at dawn and look for hexes at dark" trips, but those mostly involved long mid-day naps between fishing sessions. I've never found mid-day fishing very productive after mid June.

If I ever did put in 22 hours of driving and fishing in a day, it's way in the rear-view mirror now.

Author:  brian foley [ June 13th, 2018, 8:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Southwest Harbor via Fort Kent...

Jeff, that's pretty typical for my NMW trips - it's not the way I'd prefer to go, but with so many places to fish and so little time, that's just the way things work out...as for swimming, I got that out of my system back in April - 3X...happy trails!

Author:  K. I. Joe [ June 13th, 2018, 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Southwest Harbor via Fort Kent...

22 hours minus the nap on the pond! LOL great report as usual Brian

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