For those of you......
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Author:  Dave M [ April 3rd, 2018, 3:06 pm ]
Post subject:  For those of you......

......LOOKING TO pick up an inexpensive fly line, or several, Shadow flyfishing (.com) has a promotion going where they ( supposedly) made a bunch of premium fly lines, and either didn’t, or forgot to, put on the loops at either end of the line.

You can get any color you want .......within reason, I guess, for $24.99........I believe $28. Something with tax and free shipping.

As the first thing I do with new lines is to cut those $$*$@‘g loops off the back and front ends of the lines, buying them for peanuts sounded good to me.

Now I have absolutely no idea if these lines are comparable to Sci. Anglers, Rio, Orvis, or Cortland, but at 1/4 th the price I figured I’d try to find out.

As always, this is just a “ heads up”.......and I have no financial interest, or otherwise, in this company.

These lines may suck.......or they may be great lines at a great price.......I have no idea, but figured it might be worth $25 bucks to find out.

Dave M

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