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 Post subject: Fly sizes
PostPosted: March 25th, 2018, 10:42 am 
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As I’m scheduled for a couple of days on one of my favorite places on planet earth in July......DePuys Spring Creek in Paradise Valley I’ve spent the last two months tying up various and sundry flies for there. A big Spring Creek Fly is an #18........and we tie them all the way down to # 24’s.

Yesterday I decided that I was short on a particular streamer ( some traditionalists might not even call it a “streamer” because it looks nothing like what Carrie Stevens or Herb Welch would have tied up) but I think this might be the best streamer pattern I use in the early season here in Maine.

The reason I laughed as I centered the hook in my vise is that they look freaking gigantic compared to the #20’s I’ve been tying lately. A Mustad 9672 or Tiemco 5263..... #4. 3XL shank.

I guess to be teacnical you’d call this streamer an Egg Sucking Flash A Bugger.

Hook:Mustad 9672. De-barb the hook.
Thread: Veevus 6/0 ( seems like rope compared to the 14/0 I’ve Been using)
Bead: Flourocent Orange ( hot orange) extra large bead
Wire: 20 to 25 wraps of .015 lead free wire....put it right into the bead, all on the front half of the hook
Tail: Black marabou
Tail flash: 6 strands of red Krystal flash on either side of the marabou
Rib: medium red Uni wire
Body: 8 to 10 strands of peacock herl twisted into a rope
Hackle: Two feathers from a Whiting dry fly cape......large
Head: Black Caddis emerger dubbing to cover the thread next to the bead

Some might just call this an Enhansed Wooly Bugger......but it’s much more effective, IMO, than the old Russell Blessing pattern. Try it, you might be surprised.

Dave M

PS: Make sure to tie in the hackles near the eye/ bead of the hook, wrap them back to the tail, catch the Hackle tips by the wire and counter wrap the wire through the doubled Hackle so this fly is almost bomb proof. I also use Hard As Hull on the hook shank.......and wrap the fragile peacock herl right into the HArd As Hull. The body can’t unravel.

"Fish the West every year. Life is short; and you'll be dead a long time." Chris Hutchins--2009

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