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Author:  1weight [ October 9th, 2017, 6:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Friday @EO

Friday I headed up to the East Outlet. This was my first time fishing Maine north and west of Hibberts Gore in a couple years. I did a little research by contacting Hutch. His advice was sound as I found fish. Finding fish and catching/landing fish are a couple different things.
My day didn't start without a little drama brought on by myself. After repacking my car after having to reconfigure it for errands and a dog transporter to various places of extreme fun if your a pair of spoiled goldens. Dogs rule! I got to the river and my two favorite rods this year were still at home in the garage. After much thought, I decided I'd try my midge. A couple of casts and with a brisk breeze blowing I went back to the car and changed to another rod. The same as one that was left behind, but with many more hard years of fishing. This was a good choice as I was able to deliver my flies generally where I wanted them.

I tried a potpourri of flies some that were suggested some that weren't as I worked my way up river above first the roadway, then the RR trestle. It wasn't long and a real nice spirited salmon took a Bastian's floating caddis emerger. I had good luck enticing fish with this fly but not so good at getting a landing on any of the salmon. I switched to various flies and had looks and some takes but nothing to net.

After lunch I finally managed a solid hook-up Under the trestle along the north shore. A nice solid brookie that had spent a little to much time in the hatchery. He had nice fall colors but his fins left much to the imagination. While on the north side of the river I saw something trotting across the trestle. At first I thought it was a boxer dog as I'd seen a lady walking one along the road to Wilson's and at the boat launch. After watching it cover about half the bridge I realized it was either a bobcat or a Canadian lynx. It took another couple of seconds for it to register to get a picture. It stopped at the edge of the bridge and I snapped just as it lunged from the "catwalk" to the west side of the bridge. Upon looking at my photo I had a great picture of the end of the trestle.

The rest of the afternoon was generally slow. Finally I ended up back above the boat launch on the bar on the South side. I was fishing out in the main stem and wasn't having much action even though periodically fish were showing. I drifted a fly along tight and below me on the bar and got a solid hook-up. But even though it was a nice strong fish that held tight, when it moved out towards the main stem the fly came free. I did manage one more smaller brookie that was the perfect specimen of a true fall Maine brook trout.

While on the bar I noticed an angler on the north side. His mannerisms in casting and general actions including shimmying up a tree to fetch a fly from an errant backcast, his waders worn folded down with the inside chest pocket hanging like a loin cloth resembled Tark. Sure enough when I got back to the parking area there was a truck with an FFIM sticker on the bumper and a Bean parking tag on the mirror. While packing away my gear another gentleman came to the above PU and leaned on it left his rod then wandered off holding his cell phone in that ultimate position for either a selfie or to find a signal. When he returned to the truck I asked him how the coffee business was as it was Matt.

Spoke to Matt for a while before Dan(Tark) returned to his truck. And we were soon joined by Robin(Crossroads) of Three Rivers Lodge and his daughter and pair of Goldens. They were all enjoying the weekend in the north country.

No moose or deer were seen but friends were found stream and a good time was had. And thanks again to Hutch for his tips.


Author:  Formerly Larvae [ October 9th, 2017, 8:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Friday @EO

Sounds like a great fall day to me.

Author:  hatch [ October 9th, 2017, 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Friday @EO

I was at the EO on Friday. I was the guy moving slowly with the wooden wading staff. I watched a bunch of people , as well as myself ,not having much success. I left around 3:00 pm and there were only a few cars left in the parking lots by the bridge. To me that's a sign that not much is going on. Shot one bird in the 10,000 acre tract on the way back to camp. Had it for supper with some gin and tonics. I feel that as long as I'm drinking gin, summer isn't over. Night fall at 7:00 pm and a wood stove fire suggested otherwise. Got all the water shut off. Columbus weekend chore. This year I could have probably waited until November. You never can tell though. Mother nature can turn on you in a hurry. I've got a half bottle of gin left that says it's still summer.

Author:  tark [ October 10th, 2017, 10:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Friday @EO

Great to see you, Ron. What an ideal and mild Fall day.

I was telling Matt and Robin about the tagging you and I participated in on Chamberlain, over some tasty beverages back at the cabin. Hard to believe that was 10 years ago!!


Author:  Hutch [ October 10th, 2017, 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Friday @EO

Good post Ron...wish the fishing was as good at GLS, as it has been slow there. Things will improve each day now I expect.


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